Tyler Chen

I am a PhD student in the applied mathematics department at the University of Washington. I study scientific computing, specifically parallelizable iterative algorithms for linear systems. I graduated from Tufts University in 2017 with a BS in math and physics, and a minor in studio art.
Here is my curriculum vitae (CV).
I work to create welcoming spaces for my students. I believe that small things such as using gender neutral language and talking openly about mental health can have a meaningful impact on students. I am currently a TA for MATH 124 and have previously been a TA for various courses at UW and Tufts.
I am a proponent of open source software and educational resources. Access to a quality education should not be dependent on socioeconomic status or geography, and forcing students to pay for software and textbooks places an unfair and unnecessary burden on students from underprivileged backgrounds.
My Github contains personal course notes and homework solutions along with various academic and personal projects.
You can email me at chentyl@uw.edu, follow me on Instagram, or add me on Facebook.