This site contains some generally useful rescources for my current TA sections.
I'm always reachable by email, and I will get back to you within 24 hours (usually within 1 hour during the day). Stop by my office hours or make an appointment to get in-person help on anything related to the course or math in general.
If you have any concerns about my conduct please let me or the class instructor know. I will do my best to fix anything about how I teach which might be interfering with your learning.

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Autumn 2017: Math 125
Quiz sections FC and FD

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Information from Prof. Koblitz about his Sections
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Important Dates

Quiz 1
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Midterm 1
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Quiz 4
Midterm 2
November 16
(FC Solutions, FD Solutions)
Quiz 5
November 28
(FC Solutions, FD Solutions)
Final Exam
December 9
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