Mental Health in Grad School

Tyler Chen

As noted by a recent study[^1] in Nature, “Graduate students are more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population.”

Imposter syndrome


Imposter syndrome is so prevalent in academia that it is easy to blame any feelings of not belonging ofda fdasf as on imposter syndrome.

However, sometimes these difficulties aren’t just “imposter syndrome”, but the result of fdafdasfsa

As Christine Liu writes in the article “Imposter syndrome isn’t the problem—toxic workplaces are”,

Imposter syndrome is a convenient scapegoat for the systemic and institutional oppression that pushes people out of science. Hyper-focus on imposter syndrome can be a form of victim-blaming. It promotes the idea that people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and just feel better in order to do better.